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Prevail Breezers 360

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Introducing the Next Generation Brief: 

 ULTIMATE absorbency for HEAVY incontinence 

Description Item No. Size Case Quantity
Breezers 360 -Size 1/ Medium PVBNG-012  26"-48" 6 bags of 16 (96)
Breezers 360- Size 2/ Large PVBNG-013 45"-62" 4 bags of 18 (72)
Breezers 360- Size 3/ XLarge PVBNG-014 58"-70" 4 bags of 15 (60)


With AirMax™ Deluxe, Prevail Breezers 360°™ stand above the rest.When it comes to managing Loss of Bladder Control, you can never have too much protection, too much comfort, or too much breathability. Prevail has paved the way to the next generation with the new Breezers 360°. With the addition of their AirMax™ Deluxe technology, you get a new generation brief that works in four ways to deliver more complete protection:

  • 360 Breathable Zones- Air flows freely through panels surrounding the entire brief, allowing the skin beneath to breathe
  • Expandex Wings- Provides soft, flexible stretch panels for a secure and contoured fit
  • Doublesorb™ Layers- Give you asoft, dual core system that helps lock up moisture and keeps it away from skin
  • Easy Lock Fasteners®- Makes it easier to put the brief on and take it off.

But those are not the only things that make this brief the best. Prevail Breezers 360° combines  this new technology with the already great features that Prevail is famous for:

  • Skin Smart- Hypoallergenic fabric contains Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E- these natural botanicals were all chosen because they are commonly known to have positive benefits for the skin
  • Odor Guard Protection- Prevents odors before they begin
  • Quick Wickwith MaxSoft Technology™-Combines  superior softness with first-class acquisition speeds 




Quick Wick Cloth Like Outer Fabric Soft Breathable Zones Easy lock Fastener - ELF Stretch  Direct Lock Panels

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5 Reviews

NavyDad4 3rd May 2019

Prevail Breezer360 #2

Breezers working well with very old person, bowel incontinent.

They completly contain almost all BMs, while wicking loose movements.

This person had trouble with "hot spots" and open bed sores. The Breezers have helped his skin to heal, along with using a ROHO cushion on his power chair and End It ointment on the irritated skin.

Janice Arnold 10th Nov 2016

Great Product!

I bought the Prevail Breezers after much research and discussion with your customer service for my mother who is in a dementia facility. She was having issues with sores on her skin, so along with medical care, we changed her to the Breezers. Her caregivers just love them and it appears that they are not having to change her as often or having accidents as often with these. Because they are so breathable and have such great wicking properties, they seem to be making a big difference in the health of her skin. Thank you for taking the time to discuss the options with me so that I could make a better choice for my mother.

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