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ProCare Adult Washcloths

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  Description Item No. Case Quantity  Single Pack  
  PROCARE WASHCLOTHS   CRW-050 12 Packs of 50 (600) 50


Strong Fabric:

Strong and Soft washcloths for gentle and effective cleaning. ProCare washcloth's strength helps maintain its shape so the available cleaning area is maximized and there is no "poke through," to protect Caregivers during cleaning.

Press-N-Pull Lid:

Press the button, the lid opens and a single washcloth can be pulled from the pack.  The press-button means one-handed opening, improving the ease of use for the Caregiver.  The lid easily closes to prevent drying out.

Single-Hand Dispensing:

ProCare Washcloths are interfolded so that they dispense one at a time.  No reaching in the pack and pulling out multiple washcloths, therefore reducing the liklihood of cross-contamination and waste.

*Comes in soft pack only




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3 Reviews

6th Nov 2014

Failed the test

I used these washcloths on a trip where I could not use the shower or tub, in place of the no rinse body wash . They failed the test I needed 8- 10 cloths to barely complete the job. They easily tore apart. I won't be using them again.

B. Parks, Texas 10th Sep 2014


I like these. They are a lot bigger than the Charmin wipes and the other wipes you get at wal-mart and places like that. They are good for cleaning all over, I even use them to wash my face. Gentle on my skin and effective cleaning all areas of the body. I don't know about the other wipes, I just use these. Why pay more when these work and all you do is throw them away? These are good wipes. I like to use them for my whole family!

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